Having been a long-standing member of ARA and CRA, Eddy Floor Tools has been active in tool rental market since 1991,

We have served both small rental stores as well as large rental chains such as Home Depot Rental since 2001.

In 2020 Lowe’s revealed some aggressive plans to become a significant player in the rental market,

tool rental is an already big marketplace, estimated to be around $14 billion by the American Rental Association (ARA).

Retailers in the home improvement space include Ace, Home Depot, Menards and True Value all currently offer rentals.

Lowe’s tool rental departments will measure about 4,000-square-feet each and will be in newly constructed space either in the form of an expansion of existing stores or built next to one.

“For all of our customers, having the right tool is key to every project, but they may not always want to purchase a new tool or piece of equipment. Lowe’s Tool Rental helps customers save on the cost of owning, maintaining, and storing the tools they need,” said Fred Stokes, senior vice president of pro sales and services for Lowe’s.

“As the new home for pros, offering tool rental is just another way we are committed to keeping them working. Whether a pro’s tool fails on the job, needs a repair or they’re looking to try something new, tool rental will allow them to get back to the jobsite faster, saving them time and money.”


Eddy Floor Tools is a proud supplier to Lowe’s tool rental.


below is a complete article by Lowe’s regarding this.